What will solve these problems?


  • Deep Breathing – open up the chest and
  • Standing up straight as possible – pretend there is an invisible string attached to the top of your head pulling you up. Stack your vertebrae.
  • Walking
    • How To:
      • Put your energy into your legs and glutes
      • Shoulders back and down
      • Chin Tuck/Double chin

Put confidence in everything that you do – walking, running, speaking, making decisions, deciding what you want in life. Every area of your life should be about feeling confident.

And truthfully, with many things in life – “fake it til you make it.”

“Umbrellas can’t stop the rain but can make you stand in the rain. Confidence may not bring success but give us power to face any challenge in life.” – unknown


Confidence is essential to surviving this world.

  • Just know that it’s a sense of self-worth which is not arrogance or selfish. We all must see our value for ourselves and for the world. If we don’t see our value then we will have a hard time sharing the gifts that we were given to share and teach with the people in this world. Recognizing your self-worth is paramount of your message to the world. If YOU don’t believe you are worthy of being here, that’s what will show up. Henry Ford said it perfectly – “whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.”
  • The more you can believe this, the simpler your life with be.
  • It is essential to feel worthy.
  • Think of it as we all have a gift to share, and we should all be confident enough to share that message with the world. If we all WERE confident to share these gifts, then it wouldn’t seem so “out of place” to love yourself for what you can provide.
  • There have been many rough times, and it’s the fear that’s been placed into everyone’s hearts – baby boomers and war, depression and starvation has transpired into the next generation (X), with created a sense of lack in these people – that’s why they feel they need to “work hard” to earn a “good income” to “support their family.” I agree you must do work however, that was the fear of lack of abundance from a whole generation that just carried down. We are seeing more and more that there really IS a lot of money and a lot of wealth in the world so we have begun to ease up on that notion of “not enough.”
  • What I’m trying to say is that we are told things that may not necessarily be true for us, it’s someone else’s belief that they aren’t worth of self confidence and love, and we have picked this up somehow and somewhere along the way.
  • Let’s rid ourselves of these thoughts and CHOOSE our OWN thoughts and beliefs.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why CAN’T I love myself and share my gifts with others?
  • WHY would that be selfish? It’s not selfish to GIVE a gift, so why is it selfish to be confident that you have something special to share with others!?


Confidence is very related to posture, but also a belief that you are “good enough” to be on this earth and to do what you do because you love and enjoy it. Confidence is believing you are here on PURPOSE. It’s taking your beautiful, special and unique gifts and having an internal knowing and internal drive that you must share these gifts with the world. Even if what you do is insignificant (because it is in the grand scheme of all of the people in the world), it’s necessary that you do it. That’s one of the many beautiful lessons of Gandhi.

Its important that you do this. Don’t die with your music still inside you. This would be a real travesty. With this in mind, maybe you will be inspired to do what you want to do, what you love to do and what you are called to do!


Take responsibility for your life is essential to feeling secure and confident, feeling like you are reaching your true potential. Take ownership for your decisions in every situation and instance in your life. Take back your power by realizing that you are the one making the decisions in your life and that you have every choice in your life, now that you are an adult. This is a very empowering realization. You are taking back your power by removing blame and victimization. It’s very easy to blame others for you own misfortunes, situation and struggles but this just strengthens your negative beliefs and habits instead of breaking free and feeing yourself from bondage and shackles you are creating in your life.

Being confident and secure also means you know when to take a step back from a situation that doesn’t feel right. When you are unsure and questioning something, it’s best to go inside and ask yourself, your intuition, feel what your gut is trying to tell you, ask a higher power like God. – go inward/inside yourself – quiet your mind – remove any outside source that doesn’t have your best intentions at heart. Try to only see the situation through loving eyes for yourself and whoever is involved (try not to blame and point fingers at this point). Separate yourself from the situation. Remove the negative voice that add and create fears and frustrations. Ask why you shouldn’t do it, why you should. Ask yourself why this feels upsetting or scary.

Try to catch this immediately and you will never hesitate or procrastinate on a topic or issue again. The more you are able to listen to your gut and intuition, the easier the decision making process will become. The more you “take the bull by the horns” and know instinctively what the answer is- through habit and practice – the more invincible and unstoppable you will feel and become.

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