What to do in the present moment

If you’re feeling attacked or that your boundaries are being crossed:

  • Try to remain calm (your head falls of when you go into fight or flight)
  • Take 5 deep breaths immediately
  • Assess the situation – have body and mind awareness
  • If they’ve asked something of you, tell them “I’ll think about it” – Stay true to yourself – only do what you feel is right for you but obviously thinking of the other person as well
  • Write down the event once it’s over to then dissect the situation in your journal that night
    • write down a brief summary of the scenario
    • who you were with
    • how you felt – what was happening in your mind and body at the time
    • what was happening before the event
    • what you did to calm yourself
    • what you would change/do differently for the next encounter with someone with the same personality

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