What is Meditation

Meditation opens a channel for your inner knowingness – of yourself and life around you.


Only YOU know your body and what you need specifically (a health care provider has an idea, but they don’t know EXACTLY what you want/need, that’s up to you: your own inner guidance.) You were born with this innate knowing of what you need, what lights you up and what fuels your passions – you just need to stop, quiet down and listen so it can be understood, explored and utilized.


Meditation is all about quieting the mind (as much as possible). Think about the term “watching paint dry” that’s what I want you to do. Really just accept the challenge of sitting quietly.

It probably feels like, and even just sounds like torture, but it’s literally torture that pays off. Usually the thing that we are resisting the most, is what we need the most. What we resist, persists. Don’t be discouraged if you can only last 5 minutes and you have thought about everything you have to do later or have done today.

Remember, just like everything, a new skill begins a bit fumbly but eventually becomes a habit and better with practice. It takes practice to sit quietly and to release all the thoughts rolling around in your brain, especially in our social media, advertising, overstimulated world we live in today. You even begin to connect with your inner self.

You will start to understand who you are beyond that identity of your name and title (job, spouse, mother, etc). You are so much MORE than just your identity and that voice that’s constantly dictating your day to day; you are the entity beyond this voice and your body. The more you are able to quiet down, the more you are able to see and understand exactly who this is. Then you will become to have the innate knowing of what is best for you which will ensure better decision making for yourself and for others.

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