What are your values?

Begin to think about what your values are in life. This will help you to know what you will deal with, what you won’t, what you will stand up for in your life and what you won’t. It also helps to LET GO of control and expectations of yourself and others – to ultimately create more peace, happiness, creativity and flow in your life. Begin to do this now and we will readdress this in week 12.

Values create boundaries (see more about boundaries in week 12). Write down a list of your top five values and then think about how you can create boundaries in your life surrounding these values. (Example: you value your time, therefore your boundary is having every evening available for you to have special quiet time with yourself and/or significant other, kids, etc.)

When you know why you do what you do – you respond with less reactivity to any question or situation. Because you know exactly why you are saying No, you don’t feel the need to give continuous guilt-ridden excuses to the person asking. This knowing helps you to release any defensiveness or guilt around the topic or situation that is being asked of you.

Standing up for yourself feels incredible. You take back your strength, and energy just by actively deciding what you want and not allowing others to sway you in a direction that suits them.

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