Think and Speak Positively

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change the world” – Buddha

We discussed positive thinking and words in week 3, so please go back to that for more clarification, if need be.

Words to yourself:

  • Become aware of what words you use with yourself.
  • Words in your mind or out of your mouth: be kind with all of the things you tell yourself. We have had enough years of awful stuff being said to you/about you as a child and even into adulthood. Berating yourself isn’t healthy or even necessary: we are all doing the very best that we can in this moment with what we know.
  • Recognize that our words are very powerful! Phrase your words in the most positive way possible. Think about terms like “kill two birds with one stone.” Is that positive?
  • Begin to be aware of how many times you put yourself down or say/think something negative about yourself. Write these down and see how many times you aren’t being kind to yourself.
  • Start to change negative thoughts and words to only positive. Keep track on paper and try to better your number tomorrow, getting a point of only positive, uplifting words.
  • Create beautiful positive affirmations in every area of your life and repeat them constantly, especially when a stressful situation arises. Some examples:
    • Body: “My body is beautiful, healthy and fit and allows me to experience life.”
    • Mind: “My mind is so calm and at peace.”
    • Finances: “My income is constantly increasing.”
    • Career/work relationships: “Everyone I work with sees me as an asset and works harmoniously with me.”
    • Situations of self-doubt/shame/guilt: “I love you _______ (insert your name) and approve of you.” (Best said looking at yourself in a mirror.)

I wanted to dive in a little deeper about the words and thoughts that we speak and think. Words and thoughts have power. When we are focused – it creates attention and where attentions goes energy flows. Emotions are E-Motion – Energy in motion.

It’s not just the thoughts and words themselves, but there is a lot of emotion behind them, which creates a ripple effect on the cells of our body. There have been studies on positive and negative words on crystalized water, and what happens to the water after its been subjected to kind, loving words and also hate filled words. Because our bodies are up to 60% water, the cells in our bodies are affected just as the water molecules are. We are made almost exclusively by water in each cell of our bodies, so the study is a wonderful example of what happens with our positive and negative words and thoughts.

For more information click here for a YouTube video on Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiment.

There is also another interesting study by Dr. Emoto on rice and the negative and positive words and emotions affecting the growth and decay. You can try this one yourself if you’d like.

Our thoughts become our future and our reality, and as the studies show, water and rice molecules respond to positive and negative emotions.

Some more ways to think and speak in positive ways:

  • Express gratitude and appreciation as much as possible
  • Take a vow of unconditional happiness regardless of what happens throughout your day
  • See the beauty surrounding you – in the flowers, nature – really look at their colours and smell their fragrant smells
  • See the good in every one, can you see the good in someone who is bothering you, or even someone you truly despise? The people we are most resistant to are always our best teachers in life. Can you over come the intolerances? Can you be more patient and loving in this situation? How can you do this? Write it down.

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