Recap from Week 11

Be the Change you wish to see – recap this in relationships

Be convicted in who you are with values and boundaries.

This will teach people how to treat you. You must know how you want to be treated and also treat yourself in accordance with that. Monkey see – money do versus monkey say – monkey do (it doesn’t work that way). If you’re not there yet, use the golden rule – treat others how you want to be treated. You also get what you give. And you get what you are, not necessarily what you want.

Again, what are your values and themes in your life to help keep you safe and calm, happy and full of love?

No one can make decisions for you

No one knows you better than yourself and therefore do not look to others for a definite decision for you – if anyone tries to sway you into any decision, they themselves are not emotionally stable (look at the fruit of their tree) if they were, they’d ask questions to help you decide and therefore guide you to your own best decision.

What to do: Meditation and foundational things week 1-5 and then you are better able to make a decision for yourself as you are now grounded and in a higher frequency vibration.

Take self values, knowledge, self love and confidence and then add to how to develop relationshps and step into your power with others.

View the 5 step process of reactivity

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