Physical Confidence

Solar Plexus – Manipura = City of Jewels

  • 3rd chakra of the body: (chakra is an Energy wheels of the body. There are 7 located in the body – each 7 fingers apart from the pelvis up to the top of the head – root, sacaral, solar plexus
  • Opening related to deep breathing, and fascia (belly pushed out, hips moving with breathing)
    • Increases peristalsis – wave movements of the digestive system to help push food through the system. This helps to relieve constipation. There can also be an overworking of peristalsis.
    • Deep breathing stretches anterior fascia – internally and externally
    • Externally – on top of muscles – tightened when shoulders are forward and tight. Happens when we get stressed, nervous, overwhelmed, in pain – because this is the position we were in the in womb – where we were safe and warm.
    • Internally – inside the body where the internal organs are located
    • With the deep breathing you may even begin to hear some gurgles
    • When solar plexus is open and functioning properly: self confident!
  • When solar plexus isn’t rotating properly __________________
  • Drinking coffee or any caffeinated beverage
    • Reduces lung capacity because of the shallow breathing related to SNS engagement -cortisol
    • This reduces the fascia of the anterior body because of the shallow breathing – to get the job done and quickly (run from the lion, or external force that was compromising safety).
  • Dehydration or just a lack of water
    • Squished stomach – fascia – stomach shrinks and therefore can tighten the fascia
    • Reduces peristalsis
    • Constipation – fascia, hip rotation, SNS – cortisol and stress
  • Reduced solar plexus
    • digestive upset
    • frustration
    • lack of self-worth
    • lack of self confidence
    • cravings for foods that don’t serve you and your body needs
    • create anxiety/stress
    • hip and shoulder tightness – anterior pelvic tilt – hyperlordosis

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