Our greatest teachers: People who are difficult to be around

People who you don’t necessarily like, but have to be in their presence, are typically our biggest teachers. We have the most to learn from these people and sometimes they are in our lives forever. Their presence forces us to grow and transform, otherwise perhaps we would avoid growth/not feel the need to grow in life.

With this awareness that they are in your life for a reason, can you be open and in question to seeing what’s possible to learn from these people?

How open can you make yourself to be able to receive the lessons in your life?

Can you see life from their perspective at all?

Can you open your heart to show compassion, forgiveness and patience with these people?

Can you allow these people to be whoever they want to be without any expectation of how you think they SHOULD be? You want that for yourself, right? So, if we can’t let others be who they want to be, how can we expect that in return?

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