Life Happens NOW

Life happens NOW. It doesn’t happen future tense. As Emily Dickinson is quoted to have said, “forever – is composed of Nows.” Yes, the future will come, but then the future will become NOW. Might as well focus on and begin enjoying the moment you are living in right now, because that’s the only one you have. What it also comes down to is that if you can’t enjoy this present moment, you will never enjoy the present moment when the future comes.

So many people cannot wait to retire, but because they have been living in the future for so long, waiting and longing for retirement, never truly enjoying life NOW, that they

a) don’t know what to do when it gets here, and

b) end up dying shortly after because they “don’t have anything else to life for.”

It’s very sad, and it happens all the time.

How do I solve this before it’s too late?

You need to wake up, become present and take back your consciousness. Take back BE-ING, with Presence.

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