Letting Go & Purging – Mentally & Physically

Just like Elsa said in Frozen: Let it go.

Let go of previous beliefs, preconceived notions, opinions, judgements and expectations of anything and everything. Just let yourself flow through life. Surrender to the process of life. Enjoy each moment that you are given. Act as if you are on an all-inclusive vacation, having to make zero decisions, all day, every day.

Sure, sounds wonderful but, how?

Appreciate the small things in life. See the good in everything and everyone. Be grateful and take a vow of unconditional happiness.

How do I do this?

Always bring your thoughts back to this one present moment. This is called being conscious or living consciously.

Become conscious/aware of all your surroundings. Notice the fine details. See the flowers and trees for exactly what they are, small packages of God declaring his beauty, spectacles of nature, living, breathing wonder. Can you now look at the flower without thinking any thoughts about it, no judgements, no beliefs, no mental commentary, just seeing it for the magnificence that it is? This is Be-ing in the moment.

Practice bringing yourself back to this moment. (review Week 3 for more body awareness to help you focus back on yourself, through grounding, meditation, etc.)

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