Let’s make this happen

Figure out what you want to start doing right now.

Figure out what time you will have to wake up earlier than you are now, so that you can accomplish some of these things. **Remember, you don’t have to be perfect with anything you do – setting aside the time to begin this creative discovery. The most creative people in the world still need time to practice and encourage their skill and craft. Remember life is not perfect and this isn’t about doing it perfectly, just try and see where it goes.

What Time is Best?

Make your morning and evening routines a priority: set time aside for these new activities. The time won’t just magically open up for you to do these fun things, so it’s up to you to make the time.

  • When do you feel you are most creative, after a day of work, being excited to get home, or early in the morning before you use up your creativity serving other people?
  • Maybe you get excited to go to work and to serve others and that creates excitement inside of you that is bursting to get out.
  • Maybe you feel you deserve time in the morning AND the evening (I recommend this, because you ARE worth it!!)

What’s Next?

Ok so you’ve figured out what you enjoy doing, what lights you up, what gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning (if you haven’t yet figured this out, that’s ok, just keep thinking about it, no pressure here).

It’s very important to have your own routine of something you enjoy, at least for one hour a day. With one hour a day, you still have 23 other hours of the day to do whatever everyone else needs you to do. 😊

*I strongly recommend not beginning or ending your day on social media. If you have a certain app or website that you enjoy and get inspired with wonderfully creative ideas, then that’s different than just randomly scrolling through Facebook, or Instagram, looking at nothing in particular. This is just like scrolling through the television (or Netflix for that matter), not having anything to watch, just wasting time scrolling. This is a total time waster, and it also doesn’t allow your brain to relax comfortably, it’s just a series of images and advertising that is trying to entice you to “buy” something. It’s distracting for your brain and therefore creates feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. Therefore, be intentional with your choosing – if you have a favourite show, put it on at the time that it’s on and then mute the commercials so you aren’t continuously bombarded with more stressors.

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