Establish a deeper connection with your body

Having body awareness is essential to living a beautiful stress-free life. When we have a greater and deeper understanding and awareness of what it is that our body needs, we can provide it with exactly that. The guess work is gone. You will begin to develop the intuition of what you need to eat to nourish your body, what time to go to bed, how much time you need to sleep, how to interact with anyone, and even begin to recognize who has good intentions with you compared to those who aren’t interested in supporting you.


This body awareness will allow a sense of control that you may have never had or felt before. This control will be noted in being able to break any “bad” habits and self-sabotaging behaviours, as well as in emotional reactions: internal (holding in resentment, shame, guilt, etc) and external (outbursts, yelling, physical violence, etc). You will learn how to be less reactive during any conversation or situation that could potentially turn stressful or uncomfortable.

Trust in yourself

A beautiful sense of trust happens through self-awareness; when you become totally in tune with your body. This personal trust is the advice that is needed most throughout life. Because, everyone is going to give you their advice and their opinions on what you need to feel happy and good inside your body (especially with all of the ads on TV, driving down the street, on the radio, etc), it’s very important to be able to know exactly what it is that you need and stick with that, otherwise you’ll constantly be living for someone else, or living someone else’s life (and this is never fulfilling). Start to really listen. Listen to the signals your body is telling you. These signals can come in the form of pain, skin conditions, discomfort, and also emotions like (but not limited to): anger, anxiety/depression, frustration, excitement happiness and euphoria. In each present moment, have awareness: listen and feel your body internally and externally for the signs and signals that your body is telling you, so you can respond accordingly.

You live in your body, and have for many years. You have gotten to know your body for longer and better than anyone else in this world. You are the expert and therefore, know what’s best for you. Asking for and accepting advise is ok, but really go over it with yourself without any external influence. What do YOU want? We’ve all had those times when we said or thought “I should have listened to my gut.” It’s giving us signals for a reason. Trust these gut instincts, they are coming up for a reason and they always turn out to be accurate. Sit quietly and ask yourself what the best option is, or answer, wait patiently and you will get the appropriate signals.

We are all unique

Every person is different, and every situation can also produce a different feeling or experience inside. It’s important to really become quiet in your mind and body through scheduling time to sit quietly and pray/meditate and really listen (metaphorically and physically) to the signs your body is telling you. The better you are at listening to, understanding, and trusting your body, the easier life will be for you and others around you. There will be less questioning of what you need because you will be able to listen to yourself and get the answers immediately. When you are good, everyone and everything around you is good too.


Women are responsible for a child; a second life and because of that, we have stronger intuitive senses than men. The more we can harness and build on this intuition, the more in tune we will continue to be with our self, our children, other people and nature. Life will seem to just flow through you and help you where and when you need it without much trouble or question. Intuition is our nature, so let’s embrace it fully.

Being Present

This body awareness and connection helps you to stay present in the moment. It releases the need to live in the past or the future. Life is only happening now, so let’s start to really enjoy each moment fully and for what it truly is: a precious gift. You start to really focus on what your body is doing right now. Being present creates a sense of peace through balance and centering. When we become very present, the need for control of external things diminishes drastically because you know that you are safe and secure regardless of what happens externally. You become a spectator of your body, and your surroundings; experiencing life as it unfolds around you, like watching a movie.

Life is a like a movie

Have you ever sat down somewhere and really truly noticed everything around you without having a constant dictation or description in your head? If not, give it a try.

  • Sit quietly and comfortably.
  • Observe your surroundings. What do you see? Can you see it without mentally commenting on it?
  • Keep redirecting your focus to what is happening around you while releasing the voice inside your head that is trying to analyze everything.
  • Really truly experience life happening around you as a spectator.
  • It’s a bit more difficult than you would expect, but with practice, it starts to bring awareness to your mind as well as your body.

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