Embrace Change

Embrace the one constant in this world: change. Begin to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. The sooner you do this and the more practice you have with you, the more you will feel in control. It’s a paradox; release control to gain more control.

True peace is found in the ability to flow with the universe and everything that is sent in your direction. The Universe has your back, it won’t throw anything at you that is too much for you to handle, so when you accept the challenges and lessons that life presents to you, you grow and expand, creating more space, more strength and more growth.

This is a difficult area for most people and top two reasons are, they:

  1. Can’t let things go
  2. Their brain is too overwhelmed to attempt to deal with stuff

Regardless of what form of stress; mental, physical, environment, spiritual, we must continually purge stress (or another word for stress is toxins) from us, otherwise it builds up in our minds and bodies and there is a potential of developing anxiety (potentially a panic attack), depression, or other form of mental illness or else an illness may develop in the body like heart palpitations, adrenal fatigue, or cancer.

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