During Meditation

What to Think About/Do

  • Favourite People/Relationship
    • You can think about yourself, family members, friends, and even people you may not like that much during meditation. Start with someone that you admire and appreciate as this will be easiest to think of loving thoughts and sending positive vibrations toward them – creating a snowball momentum effect of more positivity.
  • Positive Thoughts:
    • When meditating in the evening, this is ideal for helping you have kind/positive dreams as opposed to nightmares.
    • Since we dream about the last thing that we think about because your brain is constantly trying to help you work through your life and daily events.
    • Your brain is creating dreams for you to help you work out a problem of stress, guilt, physical and emotional hurts etc that having been released throughout the day.
    • *TIP: the more you can work through your stressors during the day, the better night sleep you will have because the “problems” will already be gone.
  • Mudras – also called “hand postures” that work like acupuncture or tapping (for emotional release) by putting energy through the meridians. **refer to week 2: Deep Breathing for anchoring position.
    • The forefinger and thumb mudra is actually called Gyan, Jnana Mudra which is a posture for grounding, centering and balance.
    • Download the APP called: DAILY MUDRA for so many more hand positions
  • Mala – this is a necklace similar to a Rosary.
    • Many Indians, Yogis and meditators wear them throughout the day or during meditation. It’s a way of holding the necklace and saying an affirmation or prayer on each bead. There are typically 108 beads, along with a Guru bead at the end. It is said that after saying an affirmation 108 times, it is fully ingrained into your mind/body/entire being.

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