Do’s & Don’ts of Meditation


  • Wake up a few hours earlier to make sure you have time for all the fun you want to have before you head off to start your action-packed day.
  • Write it all down, what you have done, what time, how you felt, would you continue it again, who else can you do? Add the sense as much as possible – incense, beautiful sounds, pictures of things you love and enjoy.
  • Do it as a family. Invite the other members of your family so that they can see how great they can feel after seeing you living differently. This is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Meditation is a special time for you and yes of course you can invite your significant other or friends to do it with you. You would want your friends and family to experience a great movie, or restaurant, so why not recommend this to them as well.
  • Do find your happy place – create a beautiful image in your mind that you can go to whenever you meditate, also when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, angry, full of guilt and/or shame, etc. you can also just visit this special space whenever you want. The more you visit it, the more you will love it and increase your tank of love and positivity!
  • Focus on what’s important to you in the moment – this can be positive but it can also be contemplation, struggles and worries
    • In this situation – ask you higher self, God, or whatever you believe in that gives you strength – to provide you will some answers. Have an openness and willingness to the possibilities of the situation changing, improving and how you can help that situation.
  • Do create a special space for your morning rituals.
    • You really don’t need much – a beautiful pillow or chair that you love a photo of yourself or someone you admire, and a few talismans or items that bring you joy.
    • An example from me is a few crystals that I love right now (quartz and obsidian, selenite and amethyst are all great high vibrational stones that will help calm and empower so I’d suggest these).
    • A few photos of trees and inspirational quotes about living a beautiful life, a few special items from some of my favourite people that when I look at them I am reminded of a special time with these special people.
    • A salt lamp, my favourite meditation cushion, and incense (and matches).
  • Creating an alter for any special items that will help you feel your absolute best and that you can look at before, during or after your meditation will help too! This is your time that you deserve so spend it with yourself feeling as great as possible!
  • I usually have a glass of water as well.


  • have any expectation of the outcome of meditation – be open to any outcome
  • stress about what you SHOULD be feeling, doing, thinking, etc. – let it go
  • feel like you need to do it “correctly” – it will be whatever it needs to be in that moment
  • pressure, guilt or judge yourself for missing a session – just ensure you get back on the horse so that the habit doesn’t fade and you feel like a failure and give up

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