Crumble of Relationships: What not to do

Being complacent and how it affects relationships

Just like any other areas of your life, you can be complacent with relationships, either just with yourself but also with others. This can happen in many ways: mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.

Let’s say that you have been eating too many sweets and desserts, you’re on this kick of only eating sugar and not enough nutrient dense veggies. You know this isn’t best for the body because desserts don’t supply the body with nutrition, it’s just sugar which provokes a high glycemic index that creates a massive blood sugar spike and crash with some yummy taste mixed in there. Who’s really gaining on this one, maybe only the taste buds. Therefore, this indicates that your relationship with yourself is a bit out of whack. The appreciation for everything that the body needs isn’t being taken into consideration and therefore the love for the body isn’t quite where it needs to be in order to function optimally. The body can also be neglected when we accept too much responsibility in life which then creates an increase amount of stress that you and your body aren’t able to take on and handle appropriately. When too much stress is taken on, the body begins to break down with the cortisol (fight or flight) surges, the lack of rest mentally and physically, and poor food choices (as an increased amount of cortisol in the blood stream signals the brain to crave carbs for energy).

Controlling the other person

When there are barriers on relationships and friendships, that’s when it begins to crumble. No one wants to be stuck in a box. Our souls were meant to be free, so when any form of constriction happens, resistance and feelings of control happens.

When we repress old feelings and beliefs – negative, that we have about ourselves (usually provided to us by an external source – mother/father usually as they were the first role model as male and female that we have from a young age) – the mind wants to bury these feelings because the thought of dealing with them is so deep and painful that a physical pain/discomfort is created.

Physical pain/problems are easier for the human psyche to handle and deal with than the messiness associated with feelings, relationships and emotions and all of the messiness associated with this.

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