Consistency, Structure & Routine

Begin to put you and your little self first by teaching him/her that he/she can trust you by putting him/her (and you) first. You develop this by having consistency, structure and routine. Think of what kids need to feel safe, secure and loved, kids need to eat at proper times and need bedtimes, they also need outdoor time to run around and also play time. You require and deserve all of this too.

Here are some ways to establish this ongoing trust:

  1. Keep doing your AM & PM routines – include your little self in this routine ie. have a conversation with him/her, invite him/her into the activity
  2. Have a calendar for your schedule and try to have consistency with work, tasks, appointments and you time on the weekends – ensure you’re scheduling time for fun
  3. Meal Time – ensure you’re providing yourself (and your little self) with wholesome meals – ensure you’re making time for preparing those meals – find recipe, go to the grocery store, make the food on whatever day/time of day (batch cooking versus in the moment cooking), and sitting down to eat at the table with yourself and/or your family

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