Body Connection

Really truly feel your body when you are feeling every emotion that comes up: happy, excited, angry, depressed. I mean physically, but also internally. Do you feel a knot in your stomach? Do your shoulders elevate with tension? Do you squeeze your bowels when you are losing control of a situation? Really listen to yourself and respect your emotions and responses.

Please enjoy this process as much as possible. The point is to really get in tune with yourself and how you feel throughout the day, moment to moment. The more aware you are of what your body is telling you, the better connected you are to it and the easier it is to understand what’s happening and easier to let things go. You will feel so fresh and clear in the mind and body all the time because you will be able to release emotions that do not feel good or do not serve you, instead of them being forever trapped inside your mind, body and spirit. I commend you for giving yourself this gift of love and am excited for you to master this skill, as it is a true game changer in life.

If you want to soar, you must first give up everything that weighs you down.

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