Additional benefits

  • Clears acne and improves glow of skin as it hydrates the cells. No more dry skin.
  • Reduces bloating as it removes sodium from the cellular tissues, water follows where sodium travels.
  • Necessary for normal bowel movements. This also alleviates bloating as it helps to push stool and toxins out of the bowels. Dehydration can create constipation and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). This can be very uncomfortable, creating anxiety around availability of a convenient washroom when it’s finally time to go. Constipation can then lead to diverticulosis (outpouching of the bowels in multiple locations) and then eventually diverticulitis (inflammation of these outpouchings) if not treated. Fibre and water are key to reduce constipation, encouraging regular bowel movements. REMEMBER: The more fibre you eat, the more water you must drink to flush the fibre through your digestive system. This is very important.

Because all of our internal organs need water to function optimally, it is essential to give them the hydration that they need to do their job. We wouldn’t expect our car to work without gas, and regular maintenance, so how could we assume our body and all of it’s parts to function without water and regular maintenance too? Water is the most inexpensive, easily accessible ticket to a fully functioning mind and body.

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