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90 Days to Total Fitness Inside and Out

You have never seen or experienced a fitness plan like this one. It incorporates the mind with the body. You can implement it into your day to day life instead of having to set aside time in your busy schedule to put on workout clothes, drive somewhere and bust your ass at the gym, seeing minimal results.

This program happens while you go about your day to day life.

You do it on your own time with small, simple changes to your habits and body mechanics.

Small changes to gain monumental successes in your mind and body transformation.


Do you want to work harder or do you want to work smarter?

Introducing The Total Fitness & Self Love Program

This Program will enable you to live with a calm mind, lean body, increased self confidence and teach you how to let go. It’s your Step-by-Step Guide to living virtually stress free in your Mind, Body & Spirit.

The Outcome of Your Program

Have unconditional happiness and feelings of pure joy

Have feelings of Abundance, Gratitude, Patience, Forgiveness

Live with a virtually stress-free mind, reduce anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm

Lose weight and gain muscle without rigid physical activity

Have strong core values and boundaries

Create new, productive habits

Live virtually stress free in your body, reduce pain and tension in the muscles, joints, tendons, etc

Have more flexibility in your body and mind

Have a sense of belonging with self

Feel rested after sleeping – have quality over quantity sleep

Have more time freedom

You will become very connected to your own body

Have feelings of more control

Be able to trust yourself and make your own decisions regarding your mind and body

Love yourself and others unconditionally

How is this program different?

You have probably trusted so many trainers to provide just the right program or food plan to have it FINALLY be the one that gives you lasting results. I get it. It’s difficult to find the right one who can help you. Who can understand all of your needs precisely to who you are and what you need. I was there with you; many trainers, lots of huffing and puffing and sweaty days spent at the gym, multiple injuries, different fads and meal plans and even adrenal fatigue and illnesses later, I was still where I didn’t want to be – overweight, cranky and craving sugar.


This program took years to develop through a lot of trial and error and background education … now I have perfected this workout and lifestyle routine. Now you can learn without having to make all of the mistakes I did and the time it took me.

This program is developed to ensure you:

Can do each exercise at home or at the gym

Know what and when to eat for optimal health and nutrition

Gain muscle by easily incorporating exercises into your day to day routine

Get to know yourself better than you have before

Have accountability via coaching

Rely on your own intuition through body and mind awareness

Develop boundaries and self confidence you’ve never experienced before

Use efficient and small movements to get results 

Hear what our clients have to say

Lisa Holly

Lisa Holly

Lisa McClelland has been giving me massages for the last few weeks to help iron out a shoulder/arm issue I am suffering from. I am enjoying her intuitive nature and the level of expertise she brings, having been a nurse for 10 years prior. Funny enough she asked if I’m breathing deeply enough (one would think with all the yoga I would be) because it helps our body to reset itself as it is meant to do. I would highly recommend Lisa for her big picture approach and for her whole body diagnosis and recommendations for homework.

Natalie Finnegan

Natalie Finnegan

Going to see Lisa is always an amazing experience! She is a wealth of knowledge and her passion for helping people is clear. First of all, she is a fantastic massage therapist, but she has expanded on that talent so much. She is so dedicated to giving her full attention to her time with me and making me feel better in mind, body and spirit. She really has mastered the art of connecting the mind and body and helping me to release tension, chronic pain and even feelings of anxiety. Thanks so much Lisa, you’re awesome.

Christina Nelson Fowler

Christina Nelson Fowler

I keep coming back to Lisa because she has a solid foundational knowledge base of the muscles, how they work together and what muscles are tight and why. Other Massage Therapists just want to treat the pain and symptom but that never lasts. Lisa is teaching me that when you treat the cause, the pain will actually go away and my body will heal. My upper back feels so much better!

90 Day Total Transformation

It is essential to make this a long-lasting commitment as each previous habit must be changed and then implemented for at least 30 days in order to create long lasting, positive results.

This will be exactly what you want/need it to be, so that’s why it is fully tailored to your health and fitness needs.

Encouraging your desire to keep a fitness routine requires will power, motivation, accountability and also a well-structured implemented plan.

Here are the lessons for your success in being flexible, fit and feeling stress free and full of peace, joy & bliss.

1. Water

How & why water detoxifies, reduces stress and improves mental health (like anxiety and depression)

2. Deep Breathing

How to practice deep belly breathing and why oxygen is important and beneficial for both the mind and body

3. Body Awareness

Why it’s important to establish a deeper connection with your body and how to become an observer of why your body does what it does

4. Mental Awareness

Notice the cyclical thought patterns, create space in your mind and learn how take control of your thoughts for a peaceful mind

5. Fascia & Full Body Stretching

What is fascia; how it effects range of motion, internal organ function, mental health and how it can be stretched and relaxed

6. Nutrition & Food

What to eat for your specific body type, how to eat mindfully, food plan ideas & recipes, & what is leaky gut and inflammation

7. Full Body Fitness & Strengthening Exercises

What exercises to do for better posture, more range of motion, better internal organ function & how to execute them perfectly with step by step videos

8. Morning & Evening Routines

Why morning & evening routines are important for mental, physical & emotional health & how to plan & implement them

Included in your Program



Extra time together doing a fun, light hearted, soul searching style retreat weekend that will further cultivate comradery and wholistic healing and growth together.


At the end of Week 8, instead of doing an extra call with everyone, we are going to have a nice weekend retreat via Zoom.

  • Friday evening 7-9pm
  • Saturday morning 9am-12:30pm


Rest and relaxation type activities:

  • Meditations
  • Deep breathing
  • Soul searching and releasing emotions
  • Dissecting mental thoughts
  • Mental scans and releasing the untrue stories that are keeping you stuck
  • Light stretches and postural movements including yoga, dancing, flowing, etc
  • Body scans, body awareness and really feeling into the body

A fun, light hearted, soul searching style retreat weekend that will further cultivate comradery and wholistic healing and growth together where you will learn how to cultivate self-love, values and boundaries while releasing tension in key areas of the body that affect heaviness and overwhelming emotions.

It will be a combo of fun and light-heartedness with some gentle long-term transformations.


9. Rest & Recovery

Learn the benefits of slowing down, becoming more present and grounded & how this positively affects your daily productivity, mental capacity, physical health & spiritual growth


10. Releasing Old Patterns & Beliefs

How old patterns and beliefs can affect your life now & learn how to let them go to create new, beneficial ones to thrive, not just survive


11. Cultivating Self Confidence & Self Love

How to create a strong identity, be able to stand up for yourself & have a new found love for yourself


12. Relationships, Boundaries & Putting it All Together

How to have positive, healthy relationships with others & how to set up & maintain healthy boundaries going forward in life

What makes this program different from an ordinary gym membership?

  • One-on-One Coaching & Group Coaching including Psychotherapy Nursing

  • Lifetime Access to Step by Step Videos

  • Knowledgeable & Experiential Lesson Plans

  • Stretching & Strengthening Exercises

  • Workbooks

  • Private Facebook Group

But there’s more!

  • BONUS: The Deep Breathing Video Series

  • BONUS: The Full Why Water is Important Video Series

Today is the best day to take action to get fit and love yourself. What do you have to lose except excess weight and self doubt?

Did I mention that this program is 100% guaranteed?

After you’ve completed the workbooks, watched the videos and taken and applied the coaching guidance and advice, you will see MASSIVE changes to your body, attitude and overall demeanor, guaranteed! If you aren’t fully satisfied by the end of the 3 months, I will fully refund your money. This program is guaranteed to work, and I believe that so strongly that I am making this bold promise to you.


Are you ready to begin your transition into your best life yet?

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