Life Coaching

Working with busy people who have goals and want to ‘get shit done’ but are feeling unmotivated or stuck, I help them achieve clarity on their goal and together we’ll define the steps and methods to reach it. Accountability is key and that’s my strong point. I’ll coach you along the road to successfully fulfilling your vision.

Connection Coaching

Combining the techniques of life coaching with my skills as a RMT, connection coaching releases stress from the mind which often manifests in pain or tension in the body. Starting with a 60-minute massage, I will define your pain points. At the next session, together we’ll work through the goal setting process. By defining your path to success, the mind will start to release its stress, manifesting pain relief in your body. Each subsequent session will be a combination of mind and body work to continue the process.

RN Psychotherapist

Creating a safe, supportive and comfortable environment, Lisa helps to calm your chaotic mind and body using modalities like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Complex Trauma Therapy to dissolve stress, manage your emotions and improve your relationships with others. Opening up about and talking through daily stressors, while adding concrete foundational concepts in a step-by-step fashion guides and propels you forward in life so you thrive, not just survive.

Registered Massage Therapy

Offering 60 and 90 minute sessions, I combine deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques to decrease physical pain, work out muscle tension, encourage blood flow to affected areas to speed healing. This will increase range of motion in the joints and leave you feeling rested, refreshed and re-energized.

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