Are You Sick And Tired Of Living With Pain?

Are You Sick & Tired Of Waking Up with Aches & Pains?

Do You Believe Your Mind Creates Pain In Your Body?

Now you can learn the secrets to removing your pain in 5 minutes.


It’s easier for us to interpret something physical than something mental. The brain actually encourages your body to create pain to distract you from the mental hurts, pains, and fears that you have developed, created, and harboured since you were a small child. Guilt is one of the most useless emotions that we as humans feel. The body often hurts because of guilt that you may have felt from not being ‘enough’ for others: not responding fast enough to a text message; not eating all your dinner “because there are starving children in Africa;” and even not taking time for yourself because as a woman you feel responsible to make sure everyone else is good before yourself. Immediate guilt is first typically felt in the stomach butterflies – maybe because you just got caught speeding or something similar. Repressed guilt is expressed in multiple areas of the body. One example being upper or lower back pain – can create rounded, forward shoulder posture as a way of trying to move away from the pain in the back.


It all begins in your mind. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it. Can you believe that you can heal your physical pains and problems with your mind? All it takes is a willingness to change; an openness to feeling better and having a better life. This is essential. You must be open to letting go of the past. Next: repetition of a positive affirmation related to your vision for yourself that eventually turns into a strong belief system. The openness, repetitive positive affirmation, and action toward that vision, intention or goal will guarantee you success. For example, my 20 year chronic low back pain only just finally went away after the many long years of constant postural corrections, strengthening and relaxation of different areas of my body. What changed? My belief system. I finally felt supported by my surroundings, my family, my friends and ultimately the universe.

I became very grounded and realized that the universe is doing things FOR us, not TO us. I learned that I didn’t have to do it all myself. I made the connection that low back pain/discomfort is directly related to a feeling of lack of support. Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life confirmed this notion that I had and is a great resource for learning about the mental and physical connections of more areas of the body. Know that this type of healing is possible for you too!

The Brain Seeks Pleasure

The brain ultimately is seeking pleasure over pain, and avoiding the work of thinking about the ‘pain’ point means you may be procrastinating dealing with it. So when you think about that thing you ‘should have done’ it creates even more guilt and sick tummy feelings.

Avoiding the topic long enough will create physical pains. The defenses are getting thinner and thinner and eventually it gets to the point where a potential break of an ankle bone happens or have a severe back injury because you won’t, or aren’t able to slow down. This is a big red flag that you aren’t doing what your body need at the time.

This extreme injury has finally forced you to address the issue that you have been avoiding for so long. Our bodies are fantastic and so super brilliant that we should begin to listen to what we’ve been needing for so long.

Avoiding the problem will never solve your problems. You can’t solve your problem in the same mode that it was created in. That’s what happens to so many people – they get stuck in a cycle, and need to learn to think outside the box. You can do it.

This is how you can do it.

Let’s Do This Together

Let me help you focus in on all of the stuff that you are procrastinating about so that you don’t have to encounter the extreme signals. Start taking action toward living the best life that you can by taking charge of situations instead of allowing others to do it for you is part of the healing process. This lets your bodies pause just enough to provide that me-time to not feel that upset, stomach-butterfly, guilty feeling anymore.

It CAN be done.

It WILL be done, you just need to implement some systems and put repetitive processes in place so everything becomes an easy, breezy automated habit.

Life is for LIVING.

It’s supposed to be FUN!

Remember the Universe is doing things FOR you, not TO you.

The universe and all the people around you want you to HAVE FUN and laugh, smile, play, enjoy life just as you did when you were a child!

What is valuable to you?

Let me help make the connection because I believe you deserve to be the most beautiful creature that you were created to be!! Comment below, let’s connect.

Lots of love,

Your Life Coach,

Lisa McClelland RN BScN RMT CLT CCP

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