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Sometimes you need external reminders that you're doing a great job, especially for people pleasers. This was a wonderful moment I was able to share with my friend and mentor Natalie Canoglu while working for ENJO Canada.I never used to think that I could BE something and really relied on external sources to tell me I'm good enough. And that's ok because evidence creates confidence. Now I KNOW that I AM something just by breathing and being on this earth and you know what? You are too. You are good enough, you are wise enough, you are pretty enough, you are thin enough. 💕 ... See MoreSee Less
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This is a story about chameleons, egos and sunflowers: no one knew this side of me.When I was alone, I was defensive, emotionally reactive, offended by everyone and everything, was super judgemental and did whatever I wanted with no consequence. I had no balance in my life and truthfully, I didn’t think I needed any.I was such a people pleaser that I changed my identity like a chameleon depending on who was with in the room.🦎When I was with my drinking friends, I was a wild child.When I was with my book club friends, I read the book and looked the part.When I was with my friends who loved sugar, I ate the sugar.I was exhausted, I was resentful and I hated myself. 🥵It was difficult to just be ok in my own skin.It was exhausting not having boundaries.It was tiring not just being ME.I hit rock bottom. ☠️I didn’t want to do it anymore.I didn’t want to be here because keeping up with everyone’s image of what I thought I NEEDED to be was not what I wanted, but how would I change this?The ultimate destruction of a people pleaser is when people find out that you really aren’t who you’ve lead them to believe you are.I knew if I didn’t change, I would die. 🤕As I pulled myself out of the deep dark hole, I decided I would just try.This was life and death, my ego had to go and I knew I had to remain open to change.As I watched myself slowly stop taking offense to certain things, I realized that, WOW, I could actually change this identity of defensiveness that I had created.The momentum had begun and I was on a role.I realized that just because you were one way, doesn’t mean you have to always be that way.I created values and boundaries and began to have balance in my life!My emotions regulated, my mind stopped saying nasty things about myself, my body weight regulated, I started to say NO to things I didn’t want to do and finally had ME time without guilt.I got out of the doom and gloom and became a beautiful sunflower. 🌻I needed to share this with other people pleasers in the world so I began my business called Beyond Balance and created a program of how to shed the people pleasing chameleon skin and to really step into who they were created to be, like the sunflower – standing strong in who they are, radiating light and full of inner and outer joy. ... See MoreSee Less
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