Having engineered my own recovery from an overly busy, overly stressed life – as a full-time ICU nurse, competitive fitness model and independent business person,  I appreciate what living a life that is not only balanced – but goes beyond balance – can do for one’s mind, body and spirit.

Using my experience as a surgical and intensive care nurse, my expertise as a registered massage therapist and my skills as a certified life coach, I work with clients to unblock their minds and the pain that resides there that often manifests as physical pain.


Registered Nurse: Graduated from the Fanshawe-Western Collaborative BScN Nursing program in 2006. Worked for 10.5 years as a surgical and ICU nurse at London Health Science Centre.

Registered Massage Therapist: graduated from D?Arcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy in 2015. Opened RMT practice that year.

Certified Life Coach: received certification and training from the Certified Coaches Federation in 2017.

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